Recurring Credit Card Payments
Property and Personal Auto Policies

Are you looking for a more convenient way to pay your policy premium? Are you tired of writing checks or remembering to go online and pay your premium? Avoid the hassles and sign up for Germania’s Recurring Credit Card Program!

About the Recurring Credit Card Program

Germania Companies are pleased to offer our customers the convenience of a pre-authorized credit card payment plan. When you select this payment method, the premium for your current Germania policy, as well as any renewal policies or additional insurance policy or coverage purchased, will be automatically charged to your pre-authorized credit card.

What are the advantages of Recurring Credit Card?

The convenient automatic charge of premium payments eliminates check writing and the risk of losing coverage due to non-payment. You save valuable time to spend on the things that matter.

How do I enroll in Recurring Credit Card Payments?

There are several ways to enroll in the program.

When completing the authorization form, please be sure to choose a draft date (1-28) for each policy you elect to be paid via recurring credit card. If you do not indicate a date on the form, we will use a date close to or on the effective date of your policy. Once enrolled, you will receive a notice that will state the amount of the deduction and when the first payment will be charged to your credit card.

Note: If an invoice has already issued at the time of recurring credit card setup, the amount on that invoice will need to be paid before we can begin charging your credit card.

How do I stop Recurring Credit Card?

If you wish to discontinue your automatic credit card payments, please contact your agent in writing. When we stop charging your credit card, we will send you a paper bill for premium payments. Of course, the credit card payments will also stop upon the termination of insurance coverage and the satisfaction of any outstanding premiums and/or fees that are due.

Any Questions?

Please contact your agent or the Germania Billing department at 1-800-392-2202 EXT 4811.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive notification of the amount to be charged?

A: Yes, when the policy is changed to recurring credit card, you will receive a notice of the recurring charge dates and amounts. Should your policy premium change during the year, you will receive a new notification of recurring dates and amounts.

Q: Once I am set up on recurring credit card payments, can I change my due date?

A: Yes, you can contact your agent to request this change. Depending on the new date requested, the change may not take place until the next month.

Q: What do I do if my credit card information changes?

A: Log in to your account on our website to add and select the new credit card information. You may also notify your agent of the change and the effective date of the change. A new expiration date can be added by contacting the Billing department at 1-800-392-2202, ext 4811.

Q: What do I do if I no longer wish to pay by recurring credit card?

A: Notify your agent which policies you wish to have taken off recurring credit card payments.

Q: If I have multiple policies, do I have to select the same date for all?

A: No, a different date may be used for each policy. You may choose any date from the 1st to the 28th of the month.

Q: If I have multiple policies, do I have to use the same credit card for all?

A: No, a different credit card may be used for each policy.

Q: Are there any fees if I pay by recurring credit card?

A: Yes, we do charge the typical installment fee if paying by recurring credit card.

Q: My policy has just renewed. Is it too late to set it up for recurring credit card payments?

A: No. As long as it is prior to an invoice issuing, the policy can still be set up on recurring credit card. Paper invoices are issued 20 days prior to their due date.

Q: Where do I send my authorization form?

A: Your local agent has the ability to set the policy up on recurring credit card from their office. If they are conveniently located to you, you may take the form to their office.

Q: Can I make an additional payment during the year and stay on recurring credit card?

A: Yes, additional payments are accepted if paying by recurring credit card. The payment amount would apply to the next invoice (or invoices, depending on amount).

Q: Can my policy be charged one time for the year regardless of the premium due?

A: Yes, if you choose the full pay option.

Q: Will I receive a reminder each month?

A: No. A schedule is sent for the policy term. Another schedule is sent only if the date and/or payment amount due changes from the original schedule.

Q: Can I obtain additional copies of my schedule?

A: Yes, the schedule can be viewed and printed for each policy from our website at Once you have logged in to your account:

  1. Select the Billing tab, and scroll down to the Billing Summary & Payment Schedule Info section.
  2. Click the View Details link next to the policy.
  3. Scroll down to the Policy Payment History section, and click Show Payment Schedule.
  4. To print the schedule, use your browser’s Print option.

You can also request a copy of the schedule from your agent or from the home office.

Q: If I make changes to my policy, will I receive a new schedule?

A: Yes, a new schedule will be sent any time the premium on your policy has changed, resulting in different amounts.